Žymos: sm110, epson l1800 spausdinimo galvutė, digi sm, digi masto, hp 1055, digi, qy6 0082, digi sm300, hp 500 spausdinimo galvutė, man roland.

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  • Prekės Pavadinimas: AliWINHAO
  • Garantija: 3 Mėnesių
  • sąlyga: Naujas Suderinamas
  • Modelio Numeris: SM-100 SM-300 SM100 SM300p

Naujas spausdinimo galvutė tinka DIGI SM80 SM90 SM100 SM110 SM300 SM-80 CM-90 CM-100 CM-110 CM-300 svarstyklės spausdintuvas terminio spausdinimo galvutė

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3. 3 mėnesių garantija.

I am super satisfied on how the product was packed and the accuracy of the item based on the description. It is my first ever experience buying from this site and I am glad that I stated my purchasing experience on this store because it gives me a very satisfying experience which made me re-order from this shop. Since I am a newbie in this site, there are procedure to complete the transaction that I overlooked. However, I am glad that I am not too late to complete it and here I am with my another batch of order. Lastly, I highly recommend this store/seller for there great products and excellent customer service. I can safely say that this store is an A+ and one you can trust in the realm of online shopping where trust is very important.

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